The Manufacturing Processes of Sencha (the most common Japanese Green Tea) Posted on 13 Oct 21:27 , 0 comments

1.  Plucking

Tea leaves are picked by machine or human hands.

2.  Steaming

The fresh leaves are steamed and thereby the oxidase is deactivated.

3.  Primary Drying

The steamed leaves are exposed to hot air while at the same time rolled and dried.

4.  Tea Rolling

The tea is neatly rolled under pressure.

5.  Secondary Drying

While exposed to warm air, the tea is rolled in order to arrange the shape of the leaves.

6.  Final Rolling

The shape of the leaves are then further arranged.

7.  Tea Drying

The tea leaves are then thoroughly dried, and the production of "Aracha'' (crude tea) is completed.

8.  Refining

The tea then goes through a finishing process where the Aracha is sifted and cut in order to sort it according to shape and size.

9.  Packing

The tea is then finally packed into sacks or cases.