The Processes of Making Aracha (Rough Tea) Posted on 17 Jul 23:09 , 0 comments


1. Plucking 

Tea leaves are picked by hands or machine.

2. Steaming - Jounetsu or Mushi

The fresh green tea leaves are steamed to stop oxidation. 30 ~ 40 seconds steaming for  Normal Steaming. 80 ~ 90 seconds steaming for Deep Steaming.

3. Primary Drying and Rolling - Sojuu or Haburui

The steamed green tea leaves are exposed to hot air while a the same time rolled and dried. 

4. Rolling - Juunen or Kaiten Momi

The green tea is rolled under pressure without heat.

5. Secondary Drying and Rolling - Chuujuu or Momikiri 

While exposed to warm air, the green tea is rolled in order to arrange the shape of the leaves. 

6. Final Rolling - Seijuu or Tengurimomi, Kokuri

The shape of the green tea leaves are then further arranged. 

7. Drying  

The green tea leaves are then thoroughly dried and the production Aracha is made.