Types of Japanese Green Tea Posted on 8 Oct 10:21 , 0 comments

In tea production, what is usually called fermentation is actually oxidation. Processing is different but it is made from one and the same tea plant.

The fermentation of tea leaves involve the work of oxidation enzymes in the fresh leaves and it differs from the fermentation that occurs when alcohol or cheese is produced which involves the active participation of microorganisms.

Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea are all made from the same tea plant, and they are different only in the way they are produced basically.

As for Japanese green tea, with the crossbreeding method, we have now many cultivars of green tea. The taste of Matcha green tea is very different depending on what cultivar(s) is(are) used for the matcha. To make tasty matcha and to make the same taste of matcha all year around and every year, it is necessary to blend some different types of cultivars.