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Amacha is a Japanese herbal tea and it means 'sweet tea' in Japanese language. As its name suggests, the most prominent feature of this tea is its sweetness even though it has almost 0 calories. Its sweetness comes from phyllodulcin, a natural sweetener found in Amacha that is 200 times sweeter than table sugar, and 2 times sweeter than saccharin.

 A few hundred years ago, Amacha was found as a variety of Hydrangea plant. We don’t know who found the plant but the sweetness of the tea and a legend of Buddhism were knitted together after that. Every early April, the tea is used in the Buddhist ritual and it is served for the participants.

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 The plant’s leaves are bitter before processing. The chemical that is the source of the bitterness becomes phyllodulcin after harvesting the leaves and fermented. The leaves are then dried and packed into containers.

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 Almost no one outside Japan knows about Amacha and its unique taste. There are many kinds of tea in the world but there is not a tea that is similar to Amacha.  A tea that has sweetness but zero calorie is very rare, and worth to try at least once in your life!

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