What is ceremonial grade Matcha? Posted on 17 Jun 13:25 , 2 comments

In Japan where Matcha was invented, there is no such grade. Historically Matcha was enjoyed in tea ceremonies. So in Japan we have only two types of Matcha. Matcha (authentic matcha) and culinary grade Matcha (very low grade Matcha or powder of Sencha). Depending on green tea cultivar, how young leaves to use, etc, there are so many grades and depending on the grade, the price for the matcha is determined by its producer. So in Japan we don't use the name "ceremonial grade" for high grade matcha. Higher grade matcha has higher price than lower grade one. 

So why we see so many matcha brands selling ceremonial grade matcha?

The answer is very simple. Because there are so many people outside Japan don't know about matcha well still. If you see "ceremonial grade", you might think that it is a high grade matcha and you would buy it. So this is a matcha seller's trick to sell low grade matcha with a high price tag.

Why is it difficult to find good matcha?

Matcha is becoming very popular worldwide. This means that so many people are trying to make money from matcha business. Matcha sellers can make big profits from selling low grade matcha as a ceremonial grade matcha. And the partial of the profit goes to bloggers who run affiliate programs. The bloggers promote the low grade matcha irresponsibly. What you can find on search engines is that if you see matcha on many bloggers post, the matcha seller offer big commission to the bloggers. 

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