What is Culinary Grade Matcha? Posted on 24 Feb 22:21 , 0 comments

Many people think that culinary grade matcha is also matcha (authentic matcha). The answer for this question is Yes and No. Yes, some culinary grade matcha is very low grade matcha and not suitable for drinking as matcha tea. No, some culinary grade matcha is not made from Tencha (Tencha is the name for tea leaves used for authentic Matcha). So, they are not matcha but powdered sencha or bancha (low grade green tea). It is said that only one third of matcha is made from Tencha. 

The price of low grade sencha and bancha is very cheep. Therefore the price of the culinary grade matcha that is made from them should be also cheep, but it is called "culinary grade Matcha", the price is very high considering its low quality.

Try our Regular Matcha for your matcha latte, green smoothie, etc. Our Regular Matcha is not culinary grade matcha but authentic Matcha. And it is a certified Organic Matcha!