What is Matcha? Posted on 29 Oct 19:34 , 0 comments

Matcha is becoming very popular worldwide. But as matcha is getting to know by many people, matcha like green tea powders emerge and they are sold as Matcha.

Yes, there is a difference between Matcha and Green Tea Powders. First of all, ingredient of green tea powder is Sencha, Bancha or any Japanese green tea except Tencha. Green Tea Powders is made by powdering them. This powdering process is done by machine.

Matcah is made from tea leaves grown in the shade. The fresh leaves are steamed and them dried without rolling. The result is called Tencha. Tencha is then grinded in a stone mill to a fine 1 ~ 20μm powder to make matcha.

As you know now, it is much easy to make green tea powder than matcha. Therefore the price of green tea powder is much lower than matcha.