When do you want to drink Matcha Green Tea ? Posted on 23 Dec 20:25 , 0 comments

As a part of the daily life in Japan there are many occasions when green tea is drunk. 

・For Relaxing

Matcha contains a lot of theanine that promotes relaxation without sedation.

・Against Colds and Influenza

To drink green tea has a great effect when it comes to preventing influenza due to the effects of catechin.

・After Intake of High Calorie and Oily Foods

To refresh the palate, green tea is suitable. In order to lower the cholesterol levels, it is good idea to drink matcha regularly for the best effect.

・At Work or In Between Meetings

The caffeine in green tea helps us to keep alert and awake.

・Curing Intoxication

Caffeine acts as a diuretic and thereby helps to speed up the discharge of alcohol from the body.


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