Why Are There Many Low Grade Matcha Sellers? Posted on 2 Oct 21:12 , 0 comments

Matcha Green Tea Sellers

When you are looking for matcha online, you can find so many matcha sellers. Yes, in Japan there are so many green tea sellers too, but there is one thing that is obviously different way to sell Match and Green Teas outside Japan from the way in Japan.

That is a private labeling. In Japan we can usually find who made a Matcha (Matcha production company). How about matcha sellers outside Japan? Can you find out who made the Matcha? Matcha second sellers only show you some photos of green tea farms in Japan and tell you that this matcha is from Kyoto, Nishio, Kagoshima, etc. You don't know who really made your Matcha.

Why? Matcha sellers want to keep it secret as you guess. Many people want to start their own business , but the problem is initial fund. If it needs a lot, many people hesitate to try, but what if it is not so big?  An Ecommerce platform provider showed us how easy to start Matcha Business. Their only problem they had was to find a Matcha dropshipper. 


Matcha sellers want to keep their matcha dropshippers, Matcha single estate farms in Japan or Matcha production companies secret because they don't want more matcha sellers on the market. 

Your Matcha might be not popular in Japan. That might be the reason why the matcha production company in Japan try to reach and sell their matcha to people outside Japan. It might be easy to sell not good matcha to people who do not know about matcha well. Then why they have many good reviews? Referral program, Affiliate program will trick people.

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