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14 ~ 17 servings

Best Before Date :  21 / MAY / 2021


 Amacha is a Japanese herbal tea made from the fermented leaves of the 'Hydrangea macrophylla' plant. 

Amacha means 'sweet tea' in Japanese Language. 

Amacha contains phyllodulcin, a natural sweetener found in the Hydrangea plant that is about 200 times sweeter than table sugar, and 2 times sweeter than saccharin, but with almost 0 calories.

It has no caffeine, and it has antiallergic properties. Phyllodulcin can help prevent periodontitis, and it is used as a natural sweetener for diabetic patients.

Our Amacha is used as a traditional Japanese medicine, so our farmers use NO pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and they are now  in the process of attaining 'Organic' certification.


Brewing instructions

2 tea leaves (0.6g) per 200 ml

1st brew :  Boiling water / steep for 2 mins.

2nd brew :  Boiling water / steep for 3 mins. 


How to store :

Store in a cool dry place.




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