Meiji New Amino Collagen - Replacement pack

$33.00 USD

The Best-Selling Collagen Powder! - INTAGE Inc., SDI survey of the beauty market in Japan. Total sales by brand from January to December 2015

NET WT : 96 g (3.38 oz)

Best Before Date :  2 / MAR / 2018

Ingredients : 

Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, milk phospholipid extract (contains sphingomyelin), vegetable fats and oil, trehalose, glycine, cyclic oligosaccharide, vitamin C, arginine, glucosamine, cystine, thickener (gum arabic), emulsifier, flavoring (certain raw ingredients contain dairy products, orange, soy beans, and gelatin)

Allergen Information :

Contains soybeans.  May contain Milk, Eggs and Wheat

Nutrition Facts (amount per 3 g serving)  

 Energy                11 kcal   Collagen peptide   1,000 mg
Protein                 1.3 g 

 Milk ceramido   62.5 mg  (as sphingomyelin   10 mg)

Fat                        0.07 g  Arginine                     137 mg
Carbohydrate       1.4 g  Glycine                 360 mg
Sodium                 10 mg Cystine                      3 mg
Vitamin C                  50 mg Glucosamine             25 mg


Evolving into nearly odor-free collagen

Meiji’s unique new manufacturing process results in a new type of collagen with much lower levels of collagen’s characteristic odor.

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