Tartary Buckwheat Tea

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Weight : 150 g / 5.3 oz

60 ~ 70 servings 

Best Before Date :  11 / JUN / 2020

Tartary Buckwheat Tea is made from the seeds of the tartary buckwheat plants.

These nutritious seeds have a nutty taste when made into an herbal tea. The seeds of Tartary Buckwheat contain a lot of Rutin compared to other plants. The amount of Rutin in Buckwheat tea (Soba tea) is very low when comparing it with Tartary Buckwheat tea. Tartary Buckwheat tea has about 100 times more Rutin than Buckwheat tea (Soba tea) has! Rutin is known for it’s many wonderful health benefits, which makes this a well-liked herbal tea.

Our Tartary Buckwheat Tea is made from a very new cultivar called “Manten-kirari” meaning “shining in the night sky”. It was developed in Hokkaido, Japan in 2013. The most distinctive advantage of this cultivar is that the amount of the enzyme, which transforms Rutin into another bitter taste substance, is very low. No other Tartary Buckwheat cultivar has the same character!

Our Tartary Buckwheat, Manten-kirari is grown in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is well known for the richness of nature. No pesticide and no chemical fertilizer are used! It is now in the process of attaining 'Organic' certification, too.

  • 100% a new cultivar “Manten-kirari” used. Full of Rutin!
  • Grown in Hokkaido, Japan.
  • No pesticide and no chemical fertilizer used.
  • Organic certification (JAS) in progress.
  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practice, a regulation for safe food, environment and worker wellbeing) in progress.
  • No caffeine

- Please Notice -

Tartary Buckwheat can cause allergy. If you are allergic to buckwheat, please refrain from consuming this product.


Brewing instructions

2g per 200 ml

Boiling water / steep for 2 mins.


How to store:

Store in a cool dry place.


 Our High Quality Tartaly Buckwheat is grown in Hokkaido, Japan