Ceremonial Matcha - 20g (0.7 oz)

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Best Before Date :    18 / SEP / 2024

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 A smooth organic matcha tea with no notes of bitterness or harshness. It foams beautifully when whisked, and is the most flavourful tea in our organically produced matcha range.

This premium grade tea is best suited to use on special occasions, and makes an excellent gift for tea-lovers.

Produced by Marukyu-Koyamaen (Uji, Kyoto, JAPAN), one of the top green tea production companies in Japan.

Well respected amongst tea connoisseurs, Marukyu-Koyamaen pride themselves on the excellent quality of their products.

Prizes received for our teas  (Excerpt from Marukyu-Koyamaen company profile) 

Every year,as part of our attempt to improve the quality of our teas made with consistency from growing to the final processing,we submit teas for appraisal in competition with others and often get the first prizes. Among the prizes received it is worth mentioning:

・The first prizes at The All-Japan Competitive Tea Exhibition nineteen times 
・The first prizes at The Kansai Competitive Tea Exhibition nineteen times
・The Championship in All Japan Tea Judging Competition two times

Marukyu-koyamaen matcha factory Left : Marukyu-koyamaen Matcha factory

Right : Matcha shop

Matcha shop on Nishinotouin street, kyoto Matcha shop on Nishinotouin street, kyoto

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