Which Matcha is right for me?


At Grace and Green we know how tricky it can be to choose a matcha, especially when there are so many different options available. We think it is fantastic that so many people are starting to appreciate matcha, but as its popularity increases, so does the number of low quality and faux products appearing in the market. We want our customers to be able to easily buy excellent quality matcha straight from Japan, so we have hand picked a select range of matcha teas to suit a wide variety of tastes and purposes.

We sell two luxury quality teas and one high quality tea. Ceremonial Matcha is our top quality tea, perfect for special occasions or unique gifts. Luxury Matcha is better suited for everyday consumption, and is ideal for those tea drinkers who really love the flavour of deep, rich matcha tea.

We call our house blend Regular Matcha. Don’t be fooled by the simple name! This delicious tea is our most adaptable; it can be drunk daily (with or without milk) or used for cooking! 

Still not sure which matcha is best for you? Tell us what kind of tea drinker you are!

What are you looking for?

 I’m looking for a healthy alternative to coffee for my morning energy boost.

Luxury Matcha

・ Regular Matcha

A cup of matcha in the morning can do wonders! For those with a little more time to spare, why not spend a few moments relaxing whilst preparing and drinking Luxury Matcha? Or you could add milk and make a matcha latte from Regular Matcha

 I don’t like the bitter taste of green tea. I don’t even like coffee!

・ Regular Matcha

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter or milkier than regular green tea, but with all the same energy-boosting and health enhancing qualities, why not try mixing up a matcha latte by adding milk to your frothy matcha green tea? We recommend using Regular Matcha to make matcha latte.

 I want an afternoon break to relax my mind and energise my body.

・ Ceremonial matcha

・ Luxury matcha

Our two top quality teas are rich in flavour and sweetness, but take a little time to prepare. They are perfect for a moment of afternoon (or morning!) meditation; take a few quiet minutes to heat your water, whisk your tea and sip your luxury matcha! Ceremonial Matcha! or Luxury Matcha!

 I love collecting different teas / I want a gift for a friend who loves tea

・ Ceremonial matcha

Our highest quality tea really is something special. A little pricier than our everyday blends, Ceremonial Matcha is the perfect gift for a tea collector!

 I want an all-purpose matcha for both drinking and cooking.

・ Regular matcha

Our most versatile teas, the house blend Regular Matcha is the perfect pick for first time matcha drinkers and cookers who want an all-purpose tea.

Still not made up your mind entirely? Here’s the low-down on each tea in detail.


What is the difference between each tea?

Ceremonial Matcha

This organic matcha is our highest quality tea, full of richness and body without a single hint of bitterness. This tea needs to be blended with hot water using a tea whisk and takes a little time to prepare. We recommend taking a few moments to savour the deep flavour, so this tea is perfect for a quiet, meditative mid-afternoon break. Allow yourself time to relax and feel re-energised. This exquisite tea is a little more expensive than our other options, as it is made in small batches using the best tea leaves. The ideal tea connoisseur’s gift, why not buy Ceremonial Matcha as a present for a loved one, or a treat for yourself?

Luxury Matcha

A tea for matcha lovers who want to enjoy matcha’s bold flavour every day, this high quality organic tea has a smooth, rich taste and only a slight hint of bitterness. Like Ceremonial Matcha it is best prepared by adding hot water and blending with a tea whisk or milk frother; perfect for a few minutes of morning calm before you start your day. Combining the unique amino acid theanine (which works to stimulate and relax the mind) with a natural but gentle caffeine boost, a cup of matcha in the morning will give you the steady concentration needed to get through until lunchtime.

Regular Matcha

This organic tea is our house tea; Regular Matcha’s flavour is a little less rich than our luxury teas, but its versatility makes it perfect for those who want the freedom to drink or cook with matcha. When cooking, you might use a larger quantity of matcha than when making a single cup, so we recommend buying a more affordable tea. The subtle bitterness of regular matcha perfectly complements the sweetness of confectionary and cakes, so this tea is ideal for baking or blending with honey or sugar.

 Our select range of high quality organic matcha is Here!