Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

A whole host of foods have been touted as ‘superfoods’ in recent years, and whilst acai berries, coconut oil and kale are certainly positive additions to our diets and healthcare regimes, it’s unlikely that any one fruit, seed or leaf could stop the aging process or protect us from all diseases. However, it’s undeniable that what we put into our bodies affects our health and mood, and matcha is an excellent example of a product that can make a noticeable difference to our everyday lives.

 Green tea in general has long been praised for its energy-enhancing, metabolism-boosting properties. But when you steep a teabag or loose leaves to create a regular cup of green tea, you’re discarding the majority of the vitamins and minerals contained within the leaves! Matcha tea is the powdered form of the whole tea leaf and is whisked directly into water, rather than being left to infuse. So when you drink a cup of matcha, you’re taking in all the nutrition the leaves contain (and that’s quite a lot!) 

Rich in antioxidants

Matcha contains amazingly high levels of antioxidants, which slow damage to cells in our bodies, thus lowering the risk of cell mutations and cancers, and supporting cells’ ability to replicate themselves (so, yes, combatting the aging process to some extent!) Many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, but the levels found in matcha are unbeatable. One cup of matcha contains up to 100 times as many antioxidants as spinach, 20 times the amount of blueberries or pomegranates, and 7 times the amount found in a regular cup of green tea!

Boosts the metabolism

One particular kind of antioxidant found in large quantities in matcha is catechin; several studies have shown that catechins boost the metabolism if consumed at any time of day. Further, if you can get in your catechins before exercising, studies have shown that rates of fat burning increase up to 17%! And as an added bonus for those looking to increase overall health, matcha has been proven to lower all kinds of cholesterol in the body, including LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol.)

Increases energy and calmness

Matcha’s unique ability to enhance energy and calmness at once is thanks to its especially high levels of the amino acid theanine, which both stimulates and relaxes the mind. In combination with a natural, gentle caffeine boost (two thirds less than a cup of coffee) matcha can aid concentration for hours at a time (a fact discovered by meditating monks in Japan over a millennium ago!)

Packed with fibre and vitamins

The green tea leaves that become matcha powder are grown in traditional methods, in shaded fields. This allows the leaves to produce extra chlorophyll, resulting in their characteristically bright green colour. Chlorophyll acts to detoxify our bodies, and consumed alongside the high levels of fibre found in matcha tea (thanks to drinking the whole leaf!) a cup of matcha is sure to keep your insides in ship-shape order!

Are you ready to benefit from matcha’s amazing power? Go ahead and add a little delicious health kick to your day!
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