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Summer is just around the corner.

Try this fun recipe and enjoy the Summer!

Full recipe is Here (The Cup of Life, a tea blogger in Canada)




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Cyber Monday Sale | Grace & Green


Our Cyber Monday sale is here

now's your chance to grab what you missed.



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Halal-certified Organic Matcha Green Tea | Grace & Green

We are happy to announce that we have received the Halal certification for our Organic Matcha and Hojicha Powder, issued by NPO Japan Halal Association.



  •  Certified by : NPO Japan Halal Association
  • Date of Issue : May 29, 2023
  • Validity period : June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2026
  • Halal-certified products : Matcha, Hojicha 

 We will deliver safe and highest quality Organic Matcha Green Tea and Hojicha Powder for people around world!

 Learn More for our Halal-certified Organic Matcha, Here!


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The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea | Grace & Green

Our online store is opening a new door

We're excited to announce that Japan Post resumed shipping to USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany! Now customers in those countries can shop and get free shipping option.  :)

We will continue to offer the Best Organic Matcha Green Tea and Hojicha Powder for Matcha Lovers and Hojicha Lovers!



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Matcha and Japanese Green tea

Understanding the differences of Japanese Green Teas.

The title of this article might sound a bit confusing and you might be thinking “isn’t matcha a green tea?” Yes, it is! But even though matcha may be classified as a green tea, there are some differences between the two. For starters, not all green teas can become matcha. Matcha and green tea both come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. However, they differ in their cultivation, processing, appearance and preparation. Let’s learn more about the differences between matcha and green tea.

Continue to read Here! (Lu Ann, a tea enthusiast and writer based in Ontario, Canada.)



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Have you ever tried Iced Matcha Green Tea!

Many people think that Matcha ought to be drunk in Hot but try Iced Matcha!

You would be surprised by the refreshing taste. The best drink in Summer!


Iced Matcha Green Tea | Grace & Green






How to make Iced Matcha Green Tea casually! Posted on 7 Jul 22:35 , 0 comments


Iced Matcha Green Tea is a perfect drink in summer! It is very easy to make and super healthy! There are so many health benefits of Matcha Green Tea. Try our premium grade Organic Matcha from Kyoto, Japan. Find the best Matcha Here!



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Become A Grace & Green Affiliate | grace-green

 -  As of July 7th, more than 150 affiliates ( matcha lovers ) have joined us !  -

Grace & Green Welcomes New Affiliates

We have started working with matcha lovers worldwide!

Grace & Green sells premium organic matcha green tea from Japan and related accessories.

Matcha Green Tea is still new to many people outside Japan. However, it is getting very popular worldwide and many people are trying to find the better ones. 

Why Grace & Green?

In Japan there are so many matcha producers (brands) and they produce many grades of Matcha Powder. Among them, we offer only the best matcha. Grace & Green delivers the truly high quality matcha powder from Japan to our customers' door. And what is more, our matcha is certified organic Matcha (JAS certified)

We Offer:

  • 3% commission on sales (exclude shipping fee)
  • You can get 2% discount coupon code for sharing with your customers or friends (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). They can come to our store without affiliate's link and use the affiliate's coupon code at checkout. You will receive 3% commission for such sales too.
  • 45 days tracking cookie
  • Self referral is available 
  • Grace & Green Gift Card (code) is available instead of payment.

We hope to make many good relationships with matcha lovers worldwide. :)

Become A Grace & Green Affiliate Today! Click here for making your account.



Luxury Matcha Review by Sorori Tea Sisters Posted on 22 Jun 23:28 , 0 comments

Buy Premium Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto, Japan | Grace & Green


Sorori Tea Sisters reviewed our Luxury Matcha! This Luxury Matcha had a different name before. The name is Morning Organic Matcha. Sarah, a member of Sorori Tea Sisters, who live in Norfolk in the UK reviewed our Luxury Matcha (Morning Organic Matcha). Please read her review Here!




Organic Matcha Green Tea Review by UNYtea Guy Posted on 19 Jun 21:41 , 0 comments

Premium Matcha Green Tea Review | Buy Matcha from Japan


UNYtea Guy gave us 4.5 points out of 5 for our premium organic matcha green tea. please read their tea blog Here!