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We get matcha green tea reviews through our web shop but sometimes we get matcha green tea reviews by email. Today we got a matcha green tea review from Maryland, United States. This is her review for our Ceremonial Matcha. 

Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude. Your ceremonial tea is fabulous. However, I do not have any experience of tasting others. I wanted to try the very best a person can buy and your matcha was listed as such. As I learn about matcha tea it would be helpful to know on your website if your tea is “organic,” when the tea was harvested, and if it was radiated. Your teas has a beautiful bright green color and super finely ground. The tea container is air tight for a great shelf storage. The taste was very smooth warmed or iced with a vegetable earthy taste followed by lingering sweetness. Perfect.  

Thank you for the wonderful matcha experience!

You are most welcome, Karen. We will work hard for more people who are looking for the best organic matcha green tea in Japan!




Matcha Green Tea Reviews by Tea for Me Please Posted on 31 Mar 08:55 , 0 comments

Tasting 3 Grades of Matcha from Grace & Green

Nicole is the author of a blog called Tea for Me PleaseShe is the winner of the 2018 World Tea Award for Best Tea Blog. Through her long and deep experience of tea tasting, she reviewed our organic matcha green tea! This is not a paid review so you can trust her review. When you chose a matcha green tea, the most important thing is to chose a matcha that has many good reviews and the reviews must be made by Matcha Lovers (not paid bloggers or not their customers who got coupons or discounts). 

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Uji is the birthplace of matcha green tea. Uji is located in Kyoto, Japan.

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What is The Best Gift for Valentine's Day? Posted on 15 Jan 22:52 , 0 comments

High Quality Organic Matcha from Uji, Kyoto, Japan | Grace & Green

Valentine's Day is one of the most important day in our life. We live in this busy world day and night. Very often we forget that we are here thanks to other people especially someone you love. To remind this, we need to stop.

Many people celebrate their love for their partner by giving gifts or flowers, sending cards, etc. Why don't you chose Organic Matcha as this years's Valentine's Day gift. Matcha has so many health benefits for us. If you have someone you love dearly, you should chose our High Quality Organic Matcha



Matcha Green Tea - The Best Happy Holiday Gift in 2018 Posted on 12 Dec 22:01 , 0 comments

Have you tried Matcha Green Tea already? You might think that matcha green tea is very bitter or astringent. If so, your matcha is low grade matcha even if the container of the matcha says that it is a ceremonial grade. As matcha green tea is becoming popular worldwide, some or many matcha second sellers sell low grade matcha as a ceremonial grade matcha. So not many people outside Japan know how good truly high quality matcha green tea is. 

We offer the best organic matcha in Japan! Please read our reviews. We don't offer coupons or discount to get good reviews.



Rutin - Health Benefits of Tartary Buckwheat Tea Posted on 1 Dec 21:02 , 0 comments


Rutin is known as a vital chemical substance for us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some people take it from a supplement, but is it really healthy way to take rutin from an artificial food?  Then you have to find a food that is rich in rutin. Some people believe that Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea) has a lot of rutin in it but it is not. Tartary Buckwheat has more than 100 times rutin than Soba (Buckwheat) has!

Another thing you have to care about is that Tartary Buckwheat should be grown in a clean environment. This video shows us that our high quality Tartary Buckwheat has been grown in a very clean and beautiful place! (Hokkaido, JAPAN) Read more about high quality Tartary Buckwheat Tea!



How Matcha Powder is made from Tencha (dried green tea leaves) Posted on 15 Nov 22:01 , 0 comments


 Authentic Matcha is made from Tencha. Tencha is dried green tea leaves. There are many green tea cultivars in japan but not all of them are good for matcha. Low grade matcha is made from some cultivars that is good for Sencha but not good for matcha.

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Single Estate Matcha Green Tea - The Role of Green Tea Shops in Japan Posted on 25 Oct 20:05 , 0 comments

Green Tea farm In Japan. Grace & Green - High quality organic matcha green tea

When you are looking for a Matcha Green Tea on line, you might notice that there is single estate Matcha Green Tea.

Japanese green tea (including Matcha) have been sold by green tea shops. They usually don't have their own green tea farms, but they buy different origin (different farm, region...) green tea leaves from a green tea market. The reason for this is that by blending different origin green tea leaves, they can create a unique taste green tea. Another reason is that they can keep the same taste every year. Chashi (certified green tea blender) is blending green tea leaves. If they use single origin green tea leave only, the tea would have different taste every year. The taste of green tea leaves are affected by climate. 

There is no single origin Tencha (what is tencha? Read here!) that is excellent in all (fragrance, color and taste). A Tencha might be excellent for its fragrance, other one might be excellent for its color, The other one might be excellent in its taste. By blending all of them, high quality matcha can be made! 

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How to Find a High Quality Organic Matcha - The Truth about Matcha Posted on 8 Oct 21:28 , 0 comments

Grace & Green - High quality organic matcha green tea

Kyoto and Nishio. You might have heard of these names as a place where matcha is produced. Matcha is made from Tencha (What is Tencha?). In Japan, there are many places where tencha is produced. Kyoto, Aichi (Nishio), Kagoshima, Shizuoka...

If you live outside Japan, It is very difficult to get to know about matcha very well because each matcha sellers say their matcha is the best.  

This is the result of the most prestigious green tea contest (2015) in Japan.

green tea contest - gracematcha

As you can see, Kyoto is dominating the First, Second and Third prizes. In 2015, Tencha from Kyoto got the first prizes from all category in the contest.

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We know that shopping online is not always safe. The rise in data breaches has caused a climate of fear among online shoppers. 

To alleviate the security concerns, Grace & Green installed McAfee SECURE Certification Pro. The McAfee SECURE trustmark you see on our pages means that our online shop is tasted and certified to be safe! 

Grace & Green provides the best organic matcha in Japan with the most advanced security technology.

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