The History of Tea in Japan Posted on 6 Oct 22:19 , 0 comments

The oldest reliable record of tea drinking in Japan can be found in the "Nihon Kouki'' (one of the six classical Japanese history texts). 

One passage describes how the Buddhist monk Eichu offers tea to the Saga emperor on the 22nd of April 815. At the time, tea was a very rare delicacy.

It then got more widely spread during the Kamakura period (1185 - 1333 CE) when Yosai, a Buddhist monk also known for having started the Rinzai Sect, brought back tea to Japan from Sung dynasty China.

The tea drunk at the time was close in resemblance to today's Matcha. 

Sencha came into being during the Edo period and within time it spread to the common people as well.