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As a part of the daily life in Japan there are many occasions when green tea is drunk. 

・For Relaxing

Matcha contains a lot of theanine that promotes relaxation without sedation.

・Against Colds and Influenza

To drink green tea has a great effect when it comes to preventing influenza due to the effects of catechin.

・After Intake of High Calorie and Oily Foods

To refresh the palate, green tea is suitable. In order to lower the cholesterol levels, it is good idea to drink matcha regularly for the best effect.

・At Work or In Between Meetings

The caffeine in green tea helps us to keep alert and awake.

・Curing Intoxication

Caffeine acts as a diuretic and thereby helps to speed up the discharge of alcohol from the body.


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High Quality Organic Iced Matcha - Grace & Green

Do you like to drink matcha as hot matcha tea or iced matcha tea? The best way to drink Matcha in Summer is Iced Matcha Tea! If you have not tried it yet, try now before winter comes! 

With iced matcha tea, you can find the difference between high grade matcha and low grade matcha more easily than hot matcha! It is very important to try many matcha brands to find your favorite matcha because matcha you drink now might be  low grade matcha in Japan even if it says ceremonial grade matcha. Try famous matcha brand in Japan, not in your county and see how good truly high quality organic matcha is like:)



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Low caffeine Matcha contains 80% less caffeine than regular Matcha! Caffeine is naturally extracted using fresh water, though safe, innovative techniques. This premium Matcha is then freeze-dried and ground in high-grade stone mills.

Low Caffeine Matcha



Low Caffeine Matcha


Low Caffeine Matcha




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Many people has started drinking matcha as a healthy drink. Why don't you try High Quality Organic Matcha from the Award-winning Matcha brand in Uji, Kyoto, Japan!

High Quality Organic Matcha from Uji, Kyoto, Japan - Grace & Green



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We have sipped our organic matcha to Norway 13 times so far. Delivery time is about 8 ~ 12 days. We ship our parcels by registered mail and in Norway, you can track your parcel by the tracking service of Posten. People in Norway are getting interested in the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea but you do not need to have not tasty organic matcha for your health. Truly high quality organic matcha tastes good! Quality is everything! 

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Tips to Make Your Matcha Taste Good - Grace & Green
Do you really want to love the popular matcha green tea but are just not sure how that is possible? Most of us have probably been in this situation before. You hear so many great things about matcha so you go out and make your first matcha purchase only to come home and either:
1) Have no clue how to start making it or;
2) Make it, don’t like it and don’t understand the hype
There is definitely a chance matcha green tea is just not for you and your palate. However, there is a bigger chance that you just need to find a better way to make your matcha so that it actually tastes good. Don’t give up on matcha after one tasting! Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you make your matcha taste good.
1. Watch the water temperature. 
Like other green teas, you don’t want to use boiling water because it can make the tea quite bitter. You also don’t want to use too cool of water or else you won’t be able to whisk the matcha into it well enough. A great temperature to heat your water to for matcha is 160 degrees F. This is definitely one of the most important steps to starting!
2. Focus on your matcha and water ratio.
Don’t use too much matcha right away, especially if this is one of your first times trying matcha. I would suggest you only use one teaspoon of matcha and not two. With this, also start by using about 5 ounces of the hot water, too. As you start to enjoy matcha more, you can definitely add more matcha or less water for a stronger taste. Feel free to experiment with the matcha and water ratio though to know what you like best.
3. Say no to clumps. 
A great tasting matcha drink has absolutely no clumps of the green tea. The last thing you want to do is take a sip of your drink and be greeted with a strong, powdered ball of matcha. The best way to make sure you don’t get any clumps in your drink is to whisk it traditionally with a bamboo whisk and also sift before whisking. However, even just using an electric whisk will do a decent job. 
4. If you still are not enjoying your matcha, don’t be afraid to try other ways to prepare it. 
You don’t have to limit yourself to just drinking it as a plain hot tea. You can pour it over ice and have something more refreshing. You can add your choice of milk and make a latte. If you find matcha a bit too bitter for your taste preferences, add a sweetener of your choice or pair your green tea with a sweet treat. Check back here on our blog soon as we will be sharing another post on different drinks to make with matcha. 
If you’re matcha still doesn’t taste as good as you were hoping, then I would suggest looking into the quality you bought. The best tasting matcha drink, of course, starts with some of the best quality of matcha. Check out Grace & Green’s matcha selection for some great ones to try with these making tips!

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We have shipped to Australia 47 times so far. Compared to the United States (more than 1000 times), Our brand is not famous yet in Australia, but these days we have many orders from Australia. A customer of our shop told us that our organic matcha is superior to organic matcha of a matcha brand in Australia. Please read the bottom of this blog post (the name of our customer is VLADIMIR TANKHIMOVICH) 

We hope that people in Australia would find more reasonable but much superior organic matcha soon!


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Organic Matcha Order #2581. 1 x Beginner's Matcha Set - Free Delivery! 

Today we had the first customer from New Zealand. Matcha is becoming popular worldwide and of course in New Zealand too. The other day, the Food Show Auckland 2017 was held in New Zealand. Some of the participants might have experienced the taste of Matcha Tea. If you can not compare a matcha with others, it is difficult to know how the taste of high quality organic matcha is. If you are in doubt, try our Beginner's Matcha Set! It is Free Delivery! With the set, you can try Matcha tea using our Luxury Matcha, and Matcha Latte or Matcha Sweets using our  Regular Matcha. Both of them are certified organic matcha! And our Regular Matcha is not cooking grade matcha, it is authentic matcha meaning it is made from Tencha (authentic matcha is made from Tencha only). 

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How do I choose Matcha grade? - Gace & Green
Which Grace & Green matcha grade is right for me?
If you’ve been searching for matcha for some time now you may notice that not all matcha is created equally. At one point or another you have probably run into a company offering more than one matcha. There are many different grades, which mean many different quality that you can purchase and enjoy. This probably makes you wonder about what matcha grade is right for you then. The last thing you want to do is order the highest grade of matcha for a premium price when you only wanted it to use for baking. We’re here to help! Grace & Green offers three different matcha grades. If you’re not sure which one you should purchase, here is a short guide to help you understand what is the best way to enjoy each of these grades.
Grace & Green’s Regular Matcha - This matcha grade is lower than the other two we offer, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It has a more distinctive flavour which makes it the perfect matcha to use if you want to use it as an ingredient for cooking or baking. Think matcha infused cakes and cookies, matcha smoothies, matcha ice cream, matcha salad dressing, etc. The possibilities of incorporating more matcha into your lifestyle are endless! You will find that it is actually higher quality than most culinary grade matcha that other brands sell.
Grace & Green’s Luxury Matcha - If you’re looking for matcha to drink daily on it’s own for a very affordable price, our Luxury Matcha grade is perfect for just that. This matcha grade, because of the price and quality, may entice you more especially if you’re looking to try matcha for the first time. There is only a hint of bitterness with this grade. You can even use this grade to make iced matcha or matcha latte. 
Grace & Green’s Ceremonial Matcha - This is our highest grade of matcha and because of that we believe it is the best, especially when wanting to enjoy and serve for special occasions. If you’re looking for a ceremonial grade matcha to prepare traditionally (in a bowl with a bamboo whisk) then this is the product that you want. There is absolutely no bitterness with this matcha and when whisked properly it will produce a beautiful, smooth foam. 
So, to conclude, here is a little recap of our matcha grades and what you can use them for…
Looking for matcha to use as an ingredient in recipes? Check out our Regular Matcha.
Looking for matcha to drink daily (hot or iced)? Check out our Luxury Matcha.
Looking for matcha to prepare and enjoy traditionally? Check out our Ceremonial Matcha.

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