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Iced Matcha Green Tea, The best cold drink in the Summer | Grace & Green

Have you tried Iced Matcha green tea already?

Many people think that we should drink matcha green tea hot but this is not true. With hot water it is easier to mix matcha powder with water, especially if you use a bamboo whisk. But if you use a milk frother instead of your bamboo whisk, you can make iced matcha green tea easily and quickly! Read more Here!

There is only one problem with iced matcha tea. If you drink matcha green tea as a hot drink, this hot temperature covers the bad taste of your matcha powder (bitterness, astringency, etc.) to some extent but if you drink matcha as a cold drink, you can find the real quality of your matcha powder. So if you drink your matcha as an iced matcha tea and the taste is good, your matcha powder is high quality! To examine if your matcha is high quality, it is also good idea to make iced matcha green tea. Just try it!