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This matcha company is one of the newer ones I have tried and it easily became a favourite. They want their customers to be able to easily buy excellent quality matcha straight from Japan and doing so, they have hand picked a select range of matcha teas to suit a wide variety of tastes and purposes. Having the opportunity to try a vast selection of their matcha products, I am always amazed at the quality. Their ceremonial matcha is perfection - no bitterness, and so rich and creamy. I also love that the founder, Ritsuo, is very open about where his matcha comes from, how it is processed, etc. He is always bringing new, exciting products to Grace Matcha! (Ex: I have never tried roasted matcha until he introduced me to it.) Due to the wide range of matcha products available at Grace Matcha, he is extremely helpful if you wanted to connect with him to get a recommendation on what matcha may be right for you.


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Grace and Green is on a mission to help spread the word and joy of excellent matcha tea. I have fully tasted their luxury grade against my fussy pallet and the difference has become night and day.

It has an air tight sealed lid that kept the freshness and vibrancy alive and well. The aroma was like the matcha I knew before, a pretty generic light mossy earthy scent. The powder itself was VERY fine and fresh, It barley had to be sifted. The matcha incorporated VERY well into the water creating a beautiful froth and a smooth drink. Here is what finally changed my view of matcha, the taste of high quality matcha is very light and clean. The drink itself in smooth and vitalizing with very little to no bitterness, and gives you a invigorating rush of even no jitter energy.

they are full of knowledge and are on a quest to give people an understanding of top quality matcha green tea.

Matcha is not meant to be choked down, it’s to be enjoyed for every moment it lasts.


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To find out for myself I asked a ridgey didge Japanese company in Chiba Prefecture, who certainly are passionate about matcha.

I have tried several myself but after trying the products Organic Matcha from Grace and Green I was blown away by the difference in taste quality with no bitterness at all.


 The Cup of Life  Lu Ann - Marketing consultant and tea enthusiast in Canada. The author of The Cup of Life tea blog.

Product name : Luxury Matcha

Smell : After opening the sealed can, a deep vegetal aroma is released. Freshness is definitely evident as well. The scent has me excited to prepare the matcha and enjoy because I find it to already be calming.

Taste : Please note that this matcha is not the highest grade, Grace and Green does have a ceremonial matcha that is said to be used on occasions but this luxury matcha is just below it and is perfect for everyday drinking. Even so, I'm in awe of how vibrant green this matcha is exactly. Seeing how it isn't their ceremonial grade, I was expecting something a bit more dull, I suppose. Comparing it to some other brands of matcha that I have had that sold theirs as "ceremonial", this one is definitely a higher quality already just from the colour. 
Arriving fresh in a pop-top sealed can, this matcha green tea powder is very fine. No clumps were noticed after a good sifting prior to preparing this tea traditionally. If prepared properly, this organic matcha is quite smooth with a creamy texture from the whisking action. A slight bitterness is present as well. I would recommend having a sweet treat by your side, such as dark chocolate, to indulge in a bite through each sips if you need. I find chocolate and matcha compliment each other nicely. Another great thing about this brand of matcha is that the price is very affordable.   Her Original post is Here!


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For those who are looking for the premium, authentic Matcha and Houjicha powder straight from Japan without going to any local suppliers here, Grace and Green is the ideal online platform where you can order your products and have them delivered right to your doorstep. This Chiba-based Japanese start-up was established in 2015 by Ritsuo Takahashi san, who wanted to educate more people  and bring the finest quality of Japanese tea powder to the masses. He sourced the matcha from Marukyu-Koyamaen, a highly renowned Kyoto tea producer which has won the top position in All Japan tea contest nineteen times. 


   Sarah - A tea blogger in the UK. Sororitea Sisters

I started this morning in my favourite way – with a matcha latte! Grace & Green kindly sent me a sample of their Luxury Matcha to try, and as a matcha fan, I was very keen to give it a try! The matcha comes packaged in a resealable tin, initially with an internal ring-pull style seal. The matcha powder itself is a beautiful kelly green shade, and the scent is delightfully vegetal. You can tell this is quality stuff – the brightness of the powder in itself is a good indicator. I used 1/2 tsp of matcha for my cup, and whisked it up with a little boiling water to make a paste while waiting for my milk to heat. I added the milk once it was near boiling, whisking all the while to ensure the powder was well incorporated. The resulting cup is a startling creamy mint green, almost like mint choc chip ice cream!

To taste, this cup is all the things I love about a matcha latte. The initial flavour is the sweet creaminess of the milk, but the matcha emerges clearly in the mid-sip. It’s very vegetal, as you might expect, almost in the way of freshly cooked asparagus, or wilted spinach. It also has an edge of sweetness, however, that helps it to build an accord with the milk. You’d think they might fight against each other in terms of flavour, but they’re actually very complementary. What I’m most struck by is how smooth this matcha is compared to some others I’ve tried. It’s blended very well with the milk, with only a little clumping evident at the bottom of the cup. That could be my whisking skills, though! There’s also a distinct lack of astringency or bitterness, which is at least partly why it works so well as a latte. It makes for a delightful start to the day.

In the interests of research, I also tried this matcha in a couple of other ways, both of which worked equally well. 1/4 tsp stirred into a small glass of cold water made for a refreshing mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Again, I found it to be smooth, with a minimum of clumping, and no bitterness or astringency at all. The vegetal flavour of the matcha is very apparent taken this way, but as it’s so fresh-tasting and reminiscent of sweet spring vegetables, that’s more of a bonus than anything! My third way of trying this matcha was similar to the above, but stirred into a small glass of apple juice rather than just water. I made a thin paste first with 1/4 tsp of matcha and approximately 1 tbsp of cold water, and then topped off the glass with fridge-cold apple juice. I was actually surprised by how well this worked, but the sweetness and lightly tangy acidity of the fruit juice paired beautifully with the vegetal flavour of the matcha. I’m reminded of fresh garden peas more than asparagus or spinach when tasting the matcha this way, and this would be an ideal preparation for those who aren’t so keen on the intense flavour of matcha when taken alone.

While I enjoy matcha for its versatility, I have to admit to being impressed by this offering from Grace & Green. It lacks the bitterness of some other matchas I’ve tried, which was what used to put me off most. The sweet, fresh taste of this particular matcha is second to none – it’s comparable to the flavour of a spring Bi Luo Chun to my mind, albeit stronger and more concentrated. I also appreciate the ease with which I managed to blend it each time. Although I did experience a little clumping with my latte, it was at a minimum. This would make an excellent matcha for those who like green teas with strongly vegetal notes, or those who are looking for a fresh, high quality, affordable matcha powder. The shipping speed was also excellent. Highly recommended.


   Fiona Uyema - Japanese Cookbook Author in Ireland

Review by Fiona Uyema

I tasted the selection of matcha products from Grace & Green. I love drinking matcha and found their organic matcha selection is a quality product with a smooth taste which is not bitter. I would highly recommend it.


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