About Us

 Grace & Green is a start-up company, newly founded in 2015. Based in Chiba Prefecture Japan, we are passionate about authentic matcha and want the world to experience its rich flavour and amazing health benefits.

We know how tricky it can be to pick the right tea, as matcha comes in a wide range of grades and qualities, and the number of online businesses offering matcha and green tea powder is growing steadily. As matcha grows in popularity, some companies have been selling low quality matcha or green tea powder at high prices to customers unfamiliar with the tea.

We started Grace and Green because we want to make stepping into the world of matcha that much easier. We have hand picked a select range of the best quality teas and food in Japan to match a wide range of tastes and purposes.

Why not try adding a little Japanese taste to your day, today? Your high quality organic matcha green tea is Here!



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