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How to make Japanese Green Tea | Grace & Green

How many types of tea do you know? Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea... They are all made from the same tea plant, and they are different only on the way they are produced. Basically there are three types of tea, Non-fermented tea, Half fermented tea and Fermented tea. Japanese Green Tea is Non-fermented tea. Oolong tea is Half fermented tea. Black tea is fermented tea.

In tea production, what is usually called fermentation is actually oxidation. Japanese Green Tea is Non-fermented tea and there are two methods to stop oxidation of tea leaves. One is steaming tea leaves. The other is roasting tea leaves on a steel pan. In Japanese green tea only Kamairi-cha is made by roasting method.

Ten-cha is a Japanese green tea made by steaming method. Matcha is made by powdering Ten-cha.

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