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Have you ever tried Iced Matcha Green Tea!

Many people think that Matcha ought to be drunk in Hot but try Iced Matcha!

You would be surprised by the refreshing taste. The best drink in Summer!


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Best Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto, Japan | Grace & Green

The oldest reliable record of tea drinking in Japan can be fond in "Nihon Koki" (one of the six classical Japanese history texts).

One passage describes how the Buddhist monk Eichuu offers tea to the Saga emperor on the 22nd of April 815. At that time, tea was a very rare delicacy.

It then got more widely spread during the Kamakura period (1185-1333 CE) when Yosai, a Buddhist monk also known for having started the Rinzai Sect, brought back to Japan from Sung dynasty China.

The tea drunk at the time was close in resemblance to today's Matcha. Sencha came into being during the Edo period and within time it spread to the common people as well.


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The origin of tea | health benefits of matcha green tea


The birthplace of tea is thought to be China, and originally it was used as a remedy and antidote. The father of herbal medicine, Shen Nong, who according to the legend is credited for having created the base for today's Chinese medicine is said to have wandered through fields and mountains in search of beneficial herbs.

As he was trying to discern whether different types of herbs and leaves were good to consume for humans or not, he got poisoned as many as 72 times a day but when that happened, he always used tea leaves (camellia sinensis) as an antidote.

The story is of great importance for the understanding of the world of tea!




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Buy Matcha Green Tea Using Shopify Payment


We have been asked for different payment methods. Since We have been working with Shopify (ecommerce platform) for more than 5 years, we know how trustworthy shopify is. Shopify has introduced Shopify Payment and it is available in Japan now. To offer the best purchase experience, we have changed our payment methods and Shopify Payment is now available on our store!

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We hope you had a wonderful winter holidays. :)  2020 was very difficult time for all of us. We still can't be optimistic but as the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. The sun is rising soon! 


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The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea 2021 | Grace & Green



The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea 2021 | Grace & Green




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The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea | Grace & Green
Matcha is a powdered green tea produced in Japan. It is also the tea that is commonly used during the Japanese tea ceremony. However, the Japanese tea ceremony prepares matcha as a hot tea — not as a matcha latte. The matcha is made and served straight with no additives. This is also the healthiest way to consume the green tea powder. 

Making matcha at home as a hot tea (the traditional way) is rewarding and such a revitalizing experience. We would love for more individuals to experience this! Thankfully, you do not need too many tools to make a great bowl of matcha at home.

Here are the items that you will need to get started:

1. Ceremonial Matcha
If you’re preparing matcha traditionally, it’s very important to have high quality matcha. The best matcha will be vibrant green and so smooth with absolutely no bitterness. It will also froth easier when whisked with the proper tools. To get started on your at home matcha making journey, check out this matcha that we offer. 

2. Bamboo Scoop
When matcha is prepared in a tea ceremony you will not see regular teaspoons lying around. Instead, a bamboo scoop is used to measure out the perfect amount of matcha per serving. The best bamboo scoop will be handmade in Japan and should not have any chemical bleach treatment. Find the one we use daily here. 

3. Matcha Sifter
Sifting your matcha before adding water can be helpful in getting rid of any lumps. A delicious bowl of matcha will be lump free, smooth and kind of creamy with the frothy surface. To achieve this better, it’s recommended that you invest in a matcha sifter. The few extra seconds you take during this step makes a difference in the end product. You do not need to spend a lot of money on one either. An expensive sifter will not make your matcha taste any better. This is a great, affordable option here. 

4. Bamboo Whisk
You can certainly make matcha at home with an electric frother or whisk, but if you are preparing it in a traditional setting a bamboo whisk is required. It is also known as a chasen. It’s an authentic matcha tool that can also make a difference in preparing your matcha, therefore making the taste much better. Like the bamboo scoop, the whisk should be handmade in Japan without chemical treatment. Bamboo whisks come with various amounts of prongs. We recommend this one which has 72 prongs, as it is great for a thin matcha. 

5. Bowl 
Traditional matcha is made in a bowl, not a cup of mug. A matcha bowl is also known as a chawan. They are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. However, if you do not have one you can easily use another bowl at home. A soup bowl with high walls can work well. Just make sure you have enough room in the bowl to use the bamboo whisk without breaking it. 

Grace and Green carries all of the items above so you can get everything you need to make matcha at home right here!

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The Best Organic Match a Green Tea from Uji, Kyoto, Japan | Grace & Green

Sometimes we get messages from our customers. Most of our customers are Matcha lovers and have already tried many brands. And some of them have visited Japan. Today we got a message from the UK.

Order #6811 - Konichiwa Ritsuo- San, I am just messaging to say Arigatou gozaimashita for the delivery of my matcha, which I received today. Your note inside the package made my day as it brought back memories of my trip to Japan in November 2019 and the reason I fell in love with Japan.

Thank you, Mr. Sandeep!



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Matcha Green Tea has a very long history. In modern matcha green tea factories, the latest machines are used to enhance the quality of matcha and to produce under sanitary condition.  Watch and learn how matcha green tea is powdered and put it into tins!