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Tasting 3 Grades of Matcha from Grace & Green

Nicole is the author of a blog called Tea for Me PleaseShe is the winner of the 2018 World Tea Award for Best Tea Blog. Through her long and deep experience of tea tasting, she reviewed our organic matcha green tea! This is not a paid review so you can trust her review. When you chose a matcha green tea, the most important thing is to chose a matcha that has many good reviews and the reviews must be made by Matcha Lovers (not paid bloggers or not their customers who got coupons or discounts). 

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The High Quality Organic Matcha in Japan. Deliver to your door - Grace & Green

Japanese matcha is becoming increasingly popular worldwide as more and more people become aware of the tea’s unique taste, colour and potentially amazing health benefits.

Without stepping foot in the tea’s homeland, one can easily look up all sorts of information about matcha on the Internet. The problem is that the majority of this information is provided by groups trying to sell matcha teas; websites like these rarely explain the most important points for first time buyers trying to get to grips with the world of matcha.

Here, we want to lay out the basic facts about Japanese matcha for those considering buying matcha tea.

Firstly, matcha is priced in a rather unique way in Japan. Each tea produced is given a price based on quality (colour, taste, scent and so on), but there are no scientific standards used to determine these features. Rather, it is a very human process based solely on the five senses of the tea experts at each production company.This means that two different products from two different companies might have the same price but look and taste noticeably different.
To give a brief explanation, higher grade matcha teas will have a very bright, vivid colour, and contain no notes of bitterness or harshness. In contrast, lower grade matcha teas are much less vividly coloured (often appearing more yellow than green) and their flavour contains stronger bitter notes. (However, note that this bitterness complements sweet cooking perfectly, and for that reason, lower grade matcha is used when making matcha food products.)

Further, there is not a large amount of organic matcha produced in Japan. This is an important point. The reason for this is that fertiliser-free, organic matcha leaves tend to lack a variety of nutrients, which results in a bitter tasting final product. As a result, bitter organic matcha teas are sold at relatively low prices in Japan.
It is possible to find very delicious organically produced matcha teas which are grown using special organic fertilisers, but due to the hugely increased manpower necessary to produce these, their prices are much higher than normal matcha teas.

When you drink matcha, you ingest the whole tea leaf in its powdered form. As such, it is understandable that health conscious customers would find organically produced matcha more appealing. Customers must just be aware of the dangers of buying organic matcha outside Japan, as in many cases a tea that would fetch a low price in Japan is sold at a much higher price abroad as a ‘ceremonial organic matcha’. In Japan we don’t normally use organic matcha for the tea ceremony.

So, how should you pick a good matcha tea? In Japan, we tend to trust the tea brand. There are several famous, long-standing matcha production companies in Japan which take the upmost pride in their teas. As the world of matcha is highly competitive, they cannot afford to market poor quality products, as their customers would simply switch to another brand. Even amongst the teas of these famous brands, each product has subtle differences; it is best to try out a variety of brands and find the tea which suits you best.

Unfortunately most of the matcha sold outside Japan has been rebranded by secondary sellers and so it can often be unclear which Japanese company produced the tea. In order for demand to grow for better quality matcha outside Japan, tea drinkers need to inform themselves about matcha and become able to judge the value of the products they try for themselves.

Our aim is, at the very least, for as many people as possible to find a tea they love: a tea that matches their tastes and lifestyle.

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How do I choose Matcha grade? - Gace & Green
Which Grace & Green matcha grade is right for me?
If you’ve been searching for matcha for some time now you may notice that not all matcha is created equally. At one point or another you have probably run into a company offering more than one matcha. There are many different grades, which mean many different quality that you can purchase and enjoy. This probably makes you wonder about what matcha grade is right for you then. The last thing you want to do is order the highest grade of matcha for a premium price when you only wanted it to use for baking. We’re here to help! Grace & Green offers three different matcha grades. If you’re not sure which one you should purchase, here is a short guide to help you understand what is the best way to enjoy each of these grades.
Grace & Green’s Regular Matcha - This matcha grade is lower than the other two we offer, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It has a more distinctive flavour which makes it the perfect matcha to use if you want to use it as an ingredient for cooking or baking. Think matcha infused cakes and cookies, matcha smoothies, matcha ice cream, matcha salad dressing, etc. The possibilities of incorporating more matcha into your lifestyle are endless! You will find that it is actually higher quality than most culinary grade matcha that other brands sell.
Grace & Green’s Luxury Matcha - If you’re looking for matcha to drink daily on it’s own for a very affordable price, our Luxury Matcha grade is perfect for just that. This matcha grade, because of the price and quality, may entice you more especially if you’re looking to try matcha for the first time. There is only a hint of bitterness with this grade. You can even use this grade to make iced matcha or matcha latte. 
Grace & Green’s Ceremonial Matcha - This is our highest grade of matcha and because of that we believe it is the best, especially when wanting to enjoy and serve for special occasions. If you’re looking for a ceremonial grade matcha to prepare traditionally (in a bowl with a bamboo whisk) then this is the product that you want. There is absolutely no bitterness with this matcha and when whisked properly it will produce a beautiful, smooth foam. 
So, to conclude, here is a little recap of our matcha grades and what you can use them for…
Looking for matcha to use as an ingredient in recipes? Check out our Regular Matcha.
Looking for matcha to drink daily (hot or iced)? Check out our Luxury Matcha.
Looking for matcha to prepare and enjoy traditionally? Check out our Ceremonial Matcha.

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Photo collection of our Organic Matcha Green Tea by Christina

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte made with homemade madadamia milk

Ceremonial green tea matcha

Ceremonial green tea matcha powder

Green tea matcha time with homemade macadamia nut milk


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Matcha Green Tea is becoming very popular outside Japan. Matcha Latte is the most popular matcha drink out there. Matcha was used as medicine very long time ago in Japan when there was no artificial medicine. So if you are interested in health benefits of green tea, the best way to drink Matcha is Matcha tea not Matcha Latte. When you buy a culinary grade matcha for matcha latte for example, the quality of the matcha does not much affect to the matcha latte because sugar in matcha latte can cover the bitterness and harshness of the matcha. On the contrast, matcha for matcha tea is very difficult product to choose outside Japan because many of them are low grade ones but they are sold as high quality or premium ceremonial grade matcha.

Matcha is very expensive product, so customers must learn more about matcha not to be cheated by matcha second sellers or affiliaters.

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