Kukicha - Stem Tea Posted on 25 Aug 22:15 , 1 comment

Kukicha - Japanese green tea

Kukicha is stems of green tea. Kuki meas stems in Japanese language. Cha meas tea in Japanese language. Green tea stems are what is left over after the mail loose leaf green teas (Gyokuro, Sencha, etc) have been processed. 

Kukicha has much more L-theanine than other Japanese green teas. This is because stems of green tea store more L-theanine than green tea leaves do. Therefor the taste of Kukicha is very mild. The price of Kukicha is very reasonable. 

If you are looking for Japanese green tea that has lots of L-theanine, you should try Kukicha. 


How can the bitterness of Japanese Green Tea be softened? Posted on 24 Oct 20:50 , 0 comments

One property of bitterness and astringent substances in Japanese Green Tea like caffeine and catechin is that they dissolve easier the hotter the water.

Tea becomes bitter and astringent when catechin is dissolved to a large extent.

For those who dislike bitter and astringent tea, Japanese Green Tea can be steeped in water with a lower temperature to make it tastier.



Why Is Japanese Green Tea bitter? Posted on 23 Oct 20:40 , 0 comments

Have you ever felt that Japanese Green Tea is bitter or astringent and therefore hard to appreciate? Japanese Green Tea contains catechins, a group of polyphenols that give tea a bitter and astringent taste.

There is also caffeine, which is a bitter substance and all these cause the tea to appear bitter and astringent.

Although catechine has these properties, it is also noted for its preventive effects on lifestyle related diseases and for numerous other health benefits.

As for caffeine, it helps us to keep awake and alert.




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Houjicha, Roasted Green Tea - Grace & Green

Houjicha, Roasted Green Tea - Grace & Green

There are many kinds of Japanese Green Tea. Matcha is one of them. It is very different from other Japanese Green Tea because it is very fine powder. The most popular green tea in Japan in daily life is Sencha. Like Matcha, there are many grades in Sencha. Low grade ones are tend to have very bitter taste and has astringency. If you got low grade one unfortunately, why don't you make home made Houjicha by yourself! It's super easy!



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Japanese Green tea - Grace & Green

Roasted Green Tea from Miyazaki, Japan. Miyazaki is in Kyushu region. In this region, they have a different method to stop fermentation of green tea leaves. In Japan we normally stop fermentation of green tea leaves by steaming but in this region they roast green tea leaves to stop fermentation. This method is very old and originated in China. The most distinctive character of Japanese green tea is its grassy taste. Therefore some people love it but others don't. 

By roasting green teas, the taste becomes less grassy. The color of the tea is yellow. 

There are many kinds of Japanese green teas. Each teas have different taste. Try many kinds of Japanese green teas and find your favorite one!