The Proper Way to Store Matcha Powder and Keep it Fresh Longer Posted on 26 Aug 20:07 , 0 comments

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Matcha is a bit pricier than other teas on the market today since a lot of time and hard work goes into making this wonderful Japanese green tea powder. We understand that it may feel like an investment to some and that’s why we want to help you keep your matcha fresh for as long as possible. The simple way to do so is storing the matcha properly. 
While you should store other teas away from the cold it’s actually best to keep your matcha in the cold! But, not just anywhere. It’s best to keep it inside an airtight container and then placed in the fridge. The cold and dark space will help keep the matcha fresh. If it is exposed to heat and air the matcha will begin to slowly change from the vibrant green colour to something dull (ie. brownish-green). It also may lose some of the great health benefits!
Once you get some matcha out to make a bowl or cup, seal the package or container immediately. When you place it in your fridge try not to have it with other items that may give off a strong odor. You don’t want to grab your matcha next time and make a cup that tastes like something else in your fridge! Also, storing your matcha in the fridge instead of the freezer is best because the freezer may expose the matcha to too much moisture.
Matcha has a shelf life of about 1 year if sealed. The shelf life changes once you open your matcha though. That’s why good quality matcha is often sold in smaller quantities (ie. 20-30 gram tins) because unless your drinking matcha all day every day, you may not use up 100 grams of ceremonial matcha before the flavour and health benefits deteriorate.
With proper storage, opened matcha is usually best within 1-3 months. However if your matcha is passed that best before date that is okay! Matcha technically doesn’t really go “bad” in the sense that you have to throw it out once the best before date has passed. It just won’t taste exactly the same as it did when you first got it.
That being said, if your matcha is passed the best before date, try it out as a hot tea. If you notice a taste difference and do not enjoy it anymore don’t toss it out just yet! Try using this matcha for something else like a latte, smoothie or in baked goods. Still don’t like it? Dispose of it and buy some fresh Japanese matcha right here! But, don’t forget to follow these tips next time around.