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We are often asked about quality of matcha green tea. Unfortunately some people bought matcha green tea and did not like the taste of the matcha green tea. This is because many people buy matcha green tea without any knowledge of matcha green tea. And there are many low quality matcha green tea on the market even though they are called ceremonial grade matcha green tea.

So it is very important to learn about matcha green tea before you buy one online. Canadian tea enthusiast, Lu Ann Pannunzio wrote about buying high quality matcha green tea online. If you don't want to waste your money on low quality matcha green tea, read her blog Here! 

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Organic Matcha Green Tea Review from one of our customers in the United States Posted on 30 Jun 10:56 , 0 comments

The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea from Uji, Kyoto, Japan | Grace & Green

To offer the Best Organic Matcha Green Tea with the most reasonable prices, we can't spend a lot of money on advertising. What makes us stand out in this Matcha Green Tea sellers is that we provide the Best Organic Matcha Green Tea with the most reasonable prices to Matcha lovers as we mentioned first. It is very simple but not effective way to be known by many people against huge adverting campaign. Our company is depending on true matcha lovers. What we can be proud of is that we have many repeat customers! Today we got a matcha review from one of our customers by email.

Wow! The holy grail of matcha! I'm an American currently living in Taiwan & bought your starter kit, and it shipped the day after I ordered. I immediately opened the ceremonial matcha and literally gasped at how bright the green was. Then I made it and was blown away at the flavor, it is hands down the best matcha I've ever consumed, and I've consumed a lot of matcha! I will provide an update once I've opened the luxury matcha, but I couldn't wait, thank you SO much for providing such great quality matcha and having such an awesome company as well, I love supporting companies like yours.                   Hannah H

Thank you very much, Hannah!       

We hope you enjoy yourself in Taiwan!

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May is a special month for green tea farmers. In Japan green tea farmers cultivate their first harvest green tea leaves. High quality matcha green tea is made from the first harvest green tea leaves. Here are some photos from matcha green tea farmers in Kyoto, Miyazaki and Shizuoka.


Matcha Green Tea Farm in Japan


High quality organic matcha from Kyoto, Japan


Best Organic Matcha Green Tea in Japan


Green Tea Farm in Shizuoka, Japan


Best Organic Matcha Green Tea from Grace & Green


Organic matcha green tea farm in Shizuoka, Japan



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Today we got a matcha green tea review from one of our customers in the United States.

Dear Ritsuo, Many thanks for providing such excellent matcha. I am a Buddhist monk in the Plum Village tradition, and we brothers have heartily enjoyed your offerings. They have brought us together and been a joyous occasion every time. Please keep up the great work. May you be well. A lotus for you,

Thank you very much for your matcha green tea review! We don't offer any discounts or coupons to get good reviews but our customers (true matcha lovers) give us reviews voluntarily!  

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Uji is the birthplace of matcha green tea. Uji is located in Kyoto, Japan.

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 Authentic Matcha is made from Tencha. Tencha is dried green tea leaves. There are many green tea cultivars in japan but not all of them are good for matcha. Low grade matcha is made from some cultivars that is good for Sencha but not good for matcha.

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Green Tea farm In Japan. Grace & Green - High quality organic matcha green tea

When you are looking for a Matcha Green Tea on line, you might notice that there is single estate Matcha Green Tea.

Japanese green tea (including Matcha) have been sold by green tea shops. They usually don't have their own green tea farms, but they buy different origin (different farm, region...) green tea leaves from a green tea market. The reason for this is that by blending different origin green tea leaves, they can create a unique taste green tea. Another reason is that they can keep the same taste every year. Chashi (certified green tea blender) is blending green tea leaves. If they use single origin green tea leave only, the tea would have different taste every year. The taste of green tea leaves are affected by climate. 

There is no single origin Tencha (what is tencha? Read here!) that is excellent in all (fragrance, color and taste). A Tencha might be excellent for its fragrance, other one might be excellent for its color, The other one might be excellent in its taste. By blending all of them, high quality matcha can be made! 

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Grace & Green - High quality organic matcha green tea

Kyoto and Nishio. You might have heard of these names as a place where matcha is produced. Matcha is made from Tencha (What is Tencha?). In Japan, there are many places where tencha is produced. Kyoto, Aichi (Nishio), Kagoshima, Shizuoka...

If you live outside Japan, It is very difficult to get to know about matcha very well because each matcha sellers say their matcha is the best.  

This is the result of the most prestigious green tea contest (2015) in Japan.

green tea contest - gracematcha

As you can see, Kyoto is dominating the First, Second and Third prizes. In 2015, Tencha from Kyoto got the first prizes from all category in the contest.

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Matcha - The Star of Sanoyu, Tea Party Posted on 18 Aug 20:34 , 0 comments

Matcha Green Tea from the Best Matcha Brand in Japan | Grace & Green

Matcha is very fine powered green tea. It is made from Tencha. Matcha is very different from other Japanese green tea. When you drink matcha tea, you intake all of green tea leaves into your body. You take advantage of health benefits of Japanese green tea effectively. This is why matcha is recognized as "Super Food" 

Thanks to the improvement of medical care, our life span has become longer and longer every year but we should know more about healthy life expectancy. 

What is the health benefits of matcha green tea? Read our blog here! 



What is ceremonial grade Matcha? Posted on 17 Jun 13:25 , 2 comments

In Japan where Matcha was invented, there is no such grade. Historically Matcha was enjoyed in tea ceremonies. So in Japan we have only two types of Matcha. Matcha (authentic matcha) and culinary grade Matcha (very low grade Matcha or powder of Sencha). Depending on green tea cultivar, how young leaves to use, etc, there are so many grades and depending on the grade, the price for the matcha is determined by its producer. So in Japan we don't use the name "ceremonial grade" for high grade matcha. Higher grade matcha has higher price than lower grade one. 

So why we see so many matcha brands selling ceremonial grade matcha?

The answer is very simple. Because there are so many people outside Japan don't know about matcha well still. If you see "ceremonial grade", you might think that it is a high grade matcha and you would buy it. So this is a matcha seller's trick to sell low grade matcha with a high price tag.

Why is it difficult to find good matcha?

Matcha is becoming very popular worldwide. This means that so many people are trying to make money from matcha business. Matcha sellers can make big profits from selling low grade matcha as a ceremonial grade matcha. And the partial of the profit goes to bloggers who run affiliate programs. The bloggers promote the low grade matcha irresponsibly. What you can find on search engines is that if you see matcha on many bloggers post, the matcha seller offer big commission to the bloggers. 

Thanks for reading!