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High Quality Organic Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto, Japan - Grace & Green

 High Quality Organic Matcha with Chasen - Grace & Green


Iced Organic Matcha Tea - Grace & Green


Iced Matcha Green Tea, High Quality Matcha from Kyoto, Japan - Grace & Green



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The Color of Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green

When you google "Matcha Green Tea'' as image, you can find many matcha powder from different matcha brands. As you can see clearly all matcha powder have different color each other. The easiest way to find good matcha is to find matcha that has bright emerald green color. 

The problem is we can edit photos very easy with a photo editing software. Matcha is very different tea from other teas. There are many people who love matcha but there are also some people who hate it. When I drank matcha for the first time in my life, I did not like it just because it was low quality one. After that I had a chance to have high quality one then I became matcha addictive.

It is very hard to find high quality matcha outside Japan, but there are truly high quality ones. If you were disappointed in your first matcha, try to find famous matcha brand in Japan not matcha from single estate farm. High quality matcha is made by Chashi (green tea master) in green tea production companies not by green tea farmers.

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The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea from Japan - Grace & Green
 Chances are you have been hearing a lot about matcha lately and chances are you are wondering just what makes this green tea different from the other green teas out there. Out of the variety of green teas available, matcha green tea is continuing to increase in popularity. Matcha is a powdered green tea that is known for all of its amazing health benefits. It is said that one cup of matcha equals 10 cups of green tea when it comes to antioxidant content. So if you’re looking for something healthy to drink, matcha is the way to go. However, there are more things about matcha than just its health benefits that make it stand out from the rest. 
Here are a few differences that should be noted: 
Difference #1:
The tea leaves, that come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, are shade grown before harvesting and then processed as a green tea - removing stems and veins. Matcha is not a green tea bag or loose leaf. After harvesting, the tea leaves are stone ground to create a fine powder that is whisked into warm water to make a delicious cup of tea. 
Difference #2:
Unlike other green teas, when you are drinking matcha you are actually consuming the entire leaf, which explains why it is higher in antioxidants than the others. As mentioned above, matcha is a finely ground powder green tea, so the way you prepare is unique. It’s not something you just steep in a teapot and pour out. Instead, you dissolve the matcha in warm water completely to enjoy, using a bamboo or even electric whisk. You don’t have to worry about discarding your leaves afterwards because, remember, you are fully ingesting the matcha. 
Difference #3:
The colour of matcha green tea is vastly different from other green teas when prepared. If it is a great quality of matcha, it will be a vibrant green opposed to a greenish-yellow or light brown liquid when steeping other green teas. 
Difference #4:
You can’t forget about the taste! Of course all green teas taste different, but matcha has a unique taste that major matcha lovers go crazy for! When prepared traditionally, you can notice a smooth, creamy and delicious cup of green tea. A common word to also use when describing matcha green tea is umami. 
What are some other differences you have noticed from matcha and other green teas? Don’t forget to pick up some great quality matcha from and see for yourself! 





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 The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea in 2017 - Grace & Green

Matcha shopping can be intimidating, especially if it’s done online and you can not sample the tea beforehand. With many different qualities of matcha out there, how can one actually tell what they are buying is authentic? Aroma, Feel and Taste are all important things to look at for matcha, but again, this can be difficult to do when you are shopping online. For myself, I look for 6 key characteristics that usually helps me decide if this is the right matcha for me before I confirm an online order. I hope this list helps you in your matcha shopping adventures, too!
1. The Colour
This is the most common talked about matcha feature. When looking for matcha green tea your first clue at if it is a higher grade is the green colour. You may find some matcha that is brown and dull but the best matcha will be a luscious, vibrant green. The brighter, the better! Companies should have pictures of the packaging and inside contents on their website. If they don’t, that may not be a great sign. 
2. The Origin
While matcha can be sourced from various countries, Japan is the top matcha producing country. If you were to ever compare matcha from Japan to matcha from China you could notice the difference almost instantly. That’s why the second clue I look for when shopping for matcha online is where it is sourced. Anywhere is Japan is usually a safe bet, but more specifically Uji, Japan. 
3. The Price
This isn’t the easiest way to tell if matcha is high quality because sometimes companies can overprice bad quality matcha, but there are many cases when I see 80-100grams of matcha being sold for $20-$30. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yup! If you find something like that it is most likely a lower grade of matcha that people can use as an ingredient for baking or cooking, not as hot tea. I’m not saying you have to pay a high price for a high matcha grade though. You can typically find 30-40 grams of ceremonial grade matcha for around $30-$40 and that’s a fair price. 
4. The Ingredients
This might be a step that can be overlooked when shopping for matcha online. How can there be ingredients in matcha except for, well, matcha green tea? I’ve learned the hard way when I started drinking matcha that companies can actually add filler ingredients to the matcha to offset the price for themselves. High quality matcha should be nothing but 100% pure matcha green tea. No sugar. No artificial or natural flavours. No additives. Ever.
5. The Reviews
I’m more likely to try a matcha brand if I have heard good things about it from a fellow matcha drinker. Reviews are great for getting an idea of some of the things you may not be able to experience when shopping online (ie. aroma and taste). Some companies can manipulate the colour of the matcha they’re selling by photoshopping the images on their website. Some companies can actually lie about where it is source or, truthfully, they may not even know. That’s why it’s also best to start with online matcha companies that already have positive feedback.
6. The Owner
Lastly, if you don’t know too much about the matcha you’re looking at purchasing online because the website doesn’t have enough information, don’t be afraid to reach out to the company and ask questions prior to so they can fill in the gaps. . If the owner of the company is familiar with Japanese Green Tea, there should be no reason for he/she to give you answers. 
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Photo collection of our Organic Matcha Green Tea by Christina

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte made with homemade madadamia milk

Ceremonial green tea matcha

Ceremonial green tea matcha powder

Green tea matcha time with homemade macadamia nut milk


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Many people think that culinary grade matcha is also matcha (authentic matcha). The answer for this question is Yes and No. Yes, some culinary grade matcha is very low grade matcha and not suitable for drinking as matcha tea. No, some culinary grade matcha is not made from Tencha (Tencha is the name for tea leaves used for authentic Matcha). So, they are not matcha but powdered sencha or bancha (low grade green tea). It is said that only one third of matcha is made from Tencha. 

The price of low grade sencha and bancha is very cheep. Therefore the price of the culinary grade matcha that is made from them should be also cheep, but it is called "culinary grade Matcha", the price is very high considering its low quality.

Try our Regular Matcha for your matcha latte, green smoothie, etc. Our Regular Matcha is not culinary grade matcha but authentic Matcha. And it is a certified Organic Matcha! 




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Buy High Quality Organic Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green

This is a Matcha Green Tea story by Nicolle, a Canadian woman who came to Sapporo, Japan to teach English.

- My Introduction to Matcha Green Tea -

I first tried high quality organic matcha when I was living in Sapporo, Japan. Thanks to a friend, I had the opportunity to experience a Japanese tea ceremony with 3 other friends!

We went to the home of a friendly and welcoming woman who was dressed in elegant kimono. I wasn't sure what to expect as she ushered us into a lovely little tatami-floored room.

We were concerned about making foolish mistakes during the ceremony, but our host put us at ease with encouragement and jokes. We settled onto the floor in the traditional Japanese sitting pose, but of course we were not able to maintain the pose for the entire ceremony. Our host was very understanding and invited us to adjust our seats as needed. I could tell that the most important thing for her was to share the beauty and peace of the ceremony. Her enthusiasm and love for the tea ceremony was expressed in each graceful movement she made.

When she opened the small wooden jar containing the matcha powder, I was surprised by the vibrancy and depth of the green of it, since I had only ever been exposed to cheap and low quality sencha tea-bag style green teas back home in Canada. High quality matcha tea powder is green like the forest on a spring day, and is just as pleasant and refreshing.

We enjoyed watching the meticulous process of the tea ceremony, and we were impressed by the care and attention shown by our host. She made the ceremony look both simple and incredibly complex at the same time! Eventually she passed me a beautiful little bowl of gently steaming matcha. After twisting the bowl this way and that(I'm sorry I can't recall the meaning behind this), I had my first sip of high quality matcha green tea.

There was a wonderful, creamy frothiness to start, followed by an earthy yet smooth green tea flavor. The flavor matched the color of the powder I had seen - vibrant and unique, but not glaring or garish.

Of course, there was also the warmth of the caffeine, and I realized as I finished my matcha, that the feeling was entirely different from that of caffeine from coffee. Matcha left me with an invigorated yet mellow feeling, with none of the jittery jangles that can result from coffee.

Now that I'm back home in Canada, organic matcha green tea is a special treat for me, and I'm thankful I had the chance to try it for the first time in Japan! I'm also thrilled to find that people in Canada are becoming more aware of the advantages of high quality organic matcha, and what a lovely drink it is!

- Nicolle C

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Matcha Green Tea is not just a drink. Watch this video and Learn More about The Way of Tea. The best organic matcha in Japan is here!



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High Quality Organic Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green

The popularity of Matcha Green Tea has been increasing year by year worldwide. Matcha became popular by it’s unique taste and healthy benefits. Matcha Latte is the most popular Matcha recipe and many of us think that it’s a healthy alternative drink to coffee. Catechin (especially EGCg) found in green tea is one of the key chemicals for our health but it is a little bit difficult chemical for us to assimilate. Milk in Matcha Latte helps Catechin to be assimilated to our body to some extent. The combination of Matcha and Milk would be perfect unless there is huge amount of sugar in a Matcha Latte.

Now, you can easily find so many Matcha second sellers on the internet and get confused about which one you should buy. You might have already tried one and thought that the taste of Matcha tea is awful.

Unfortunately Matcha is still very new food outside Japan and it is very difficult to get reliable information about Matcha because the people outside Japan have to depend on the information which Matcha second sellers are spreading out.

In Japan, we try many Matcha brands and found our favorite Matcha brand for each of us. As for Matcha outside Japan, There are not many Matcha brands available (Some Matcha brands sell the same Matcha with their own labels).

Thank to the Matcha Latte, Matcha Green Tea became popular worldwide anyway. In 2017 people outside Japan should become to be able to judge the quality of Matcha. You do not need to drink expensive low grade matcha for your health. Truly high quality matcha is Delicious!

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