Shipping to Canada

As of December 11th, ePacket (registered air mail service, our standard shipping) is not available but Small Packet (non-registered air mail service) is available.   

So we ship our organic matcha to Canada by Small Packet (non-registered air mail service) now. Delivery time of Small Packet is about 2 ~ 4 weeks. As it is not a registered air mail, tracking service is not available. Therefore we don't accept a refund request for any reason


Small Packet (this information was provided by our customers in Canada)

Shipping date (JAPAN) Delivery date (CANADA)
January 13th January  20th (Ontario)
January   9th January  22nd (Ontario)
January 25th February 6th (Ontario)
January 31st February 26th (Ontario)
February 13th February 27th (Vancouver, BC)
February 18th March 1st (Québec, QC)
January 20th March 3rd (Hamilton, ON)
February 7th March 3rd (Ottawa, ON)
February 16th  March 4th (Ottawa, ON)
February 20th March 15th (Montréal, QC)
March 6th March 18th (St-Leonard, QC)
March 14th March 25th (North York, ON)
March 17th March 29th (Toronto, ON)
March 30th April 13th (Oakville, ON)
March 30th  April 14th (Thornhill, ON)
April 14th May 16th (Winnipeg, MB)
April 22nd May 11th (Calgary, AB)
May 18th June 4th (Oakville, ON)
June 11th June 25th (Marmora, ON)
June 27th July 9th (Saint-Lazare, QC)
July 2nd July 14th (Oakville, ON)
July 3rd July 16th (Burnaby, BC)
September 10th September 21st (Toronto, ON)
September 9th September 24th (Marmora, ON)
September 10th September 24th (Montréal, QC)
October 27th November 9th (Toronto, ON)
November 25th December 8th (Toronto ON)
November 27th December 8th (Hamilton, ON)
December 7th December 22th (Hamilton, ON)


 We offer our $2 gift card (code), if you let us know when you got your small packet.  :)


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