Hojicha Powder 100g ( 3.5 oz )

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Best Before Date :   10  / NOV / 2024

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Ingredients : 100% Japanese Green Tea

Origin : Kyoto, Japan

 Type : B 


As green tea specialists, we offer Type B for Hojicha Latte. Type A is not so good for Hojicha Latte (it has light bitterness, mild taste). Type A use better green tea leaves for Japanese green tea not for Hojicha Latte. If you'd like to try Type A, please message us. The price is 21 USD/package.


Hojicha Powder is a powdered Hojicha. 

Hojicha is made by roasting Japanese Green Tea leaves.

The quality of Hojicha depends on not only the quality of Green Tea leaves but also a roaster.

Hojicha Powder is used for Hojicha Latte,  Hojicha Chocolate,  Hojicha Cake, etc...

Try the Best Hojicha Powder made by a well-skilled roaster !




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